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Meet Judith and Neville Carmody

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

For residents Judith and Neville Carmody, moving into retirement living was never on their minds. However, a health scare prompted them to reconsider their options.

“When I fell ill and was hospitalised for weeks, we had family members come and take care of Judith, but they are busy and have their own lives,” Neville says.

“I soon realised that if anything were to happen, she didn’t have a support network or community around her and that prompted us to make the move. We happily live on our own at La Dimora and we find comfort knowing that if we ever were in the situation again, La Dimora offers a sense of community.”

Judith and Neville Carmody
Judith and Neville Carmody

As two independent individuals, the couple wanted to live in a community environment that supported their passions and enabled them to remain active.

“We were originally looking at retirement homes in the Peninsular, but when we found La Dimora we loved it and never looked back,” Neville says. “The golf course has been great for me and I love the fact that the resident’s exclusive club house, Villa Valdera, has a garden where I can get my hands dirty. It’s a nice place where residents can go anytime to do what they enjoy."

“My son is also a Hidden Valley Resort member, and brings his children to swim and play at the facilities, so the whole family can join in.”

With stage three of the development well underway, there’s never been a better time to arrange an inspection and visit La Dimora’s new display homes.

“We have moved 15 times but this is our last move and I wake up and say this is the best move we’ve ever made.” Neville says.

To find out more about La Dimora Retirement Resort contact the sales team on 1300 098 098 and book a tour.

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