Construction Update June 2022

Updated: Jun 10

Our sites have been buzzing with activity over the past month as our construction team achieved some notable milestones before the end of the financial year.

Stage 3

We are pleased to advise that we have achieved the following milestones within Stage 3 and hope to achieve lock up status for 20 villas within a fortnight.

  • Completion of framing works & roof trusses for all LOTs

  • Roof plumbing (gutter, fascia etc) works completed for all LOTs

  • Installation of windows and sliding doors completed for all LOTs

  • Roof tile works completed for 17 LOTs

  • Services rough-in works completed for 17 LOTs

  • Completed internal insulation and plasterboard works to 15 LOTs

  • Commenced water-proofing and screed works to wet areas for 12 LOTs

  • Commenced internal fixings & carpentry works to 8 LOTs

  • Commenced painting preparation works to 5 LOTs

Stage 3: Internal fixings completed to 6 LOTs

Stage 3: Floor screed and waterproofing works completed to 12 villas

Stage 3: Rear view of villas 307 to 310

Stages 4 & 5

We have made a great start to completing the majority of site clearing and topsoil removal works for both stages.

We have commenced site cut works and started the installation of storm water pits at Stage 4 where trenching works for installation of storm water pipes will begin next week.

Stage 4: Site clearing and topsoil removal

We look forward to sharing with you more exciting progress in next month's La Dimora updates.


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