Construction Update February 2022

Updated: Apr 8

The team has made some great progress with the landscaping works this month and we are excited to announce the completion of the entry statement project which makes for a stunning entrance. All site leveling and earthworks have been completed, and we planted our first trees along the eastern embankment (between Stages 1 & 2 Villas) today!

The front gardens of the Villas in Stage 2 are now completed with topsoil and are ready for irrigation line installation and planting shortly. We hope to complete all planting works on the eastern embankment, front and back yards of the Villas within a fortnight.

Stage 2: Trees along the eastern embankment.

Stage 2: Topsoil, ready for irrigation.

The Team are charging full steam ahead and working on achieving some notable milestones to date for Stage 3 of the development:

  • Completion of 12 slabs (#307 to #318)

  • Completion of pre-pour inspection for 3 other Villas (#319 to #321)

  • Commenced installation of roof trusses to 8 Villas

  • Commenced installation of windows and sliding doors

  • Completion of all underground services works for Villas along the eastern and western sides

For the coming month, we hope to complete all underground services works (northern side), concrete slabs and all timber framing works, including roof trusses. We will also commence services rough-in and roof plumbing works shortly.

Stage 3: Villas #307 to #311.

Stage 3: Slab preparation works in progress for villas along eastern side.

Entry statement project completed.

We look forward to sharing with you more exciting progress in next month's La Dimora updates.


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