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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do people choose to live at La Dimora?

A: Everyone has their own reason, La Dimora has something for everyone.

For some, it’s about downsizing your commitments and upsizing your life. For many people, La Dimora is an opportunity to cash-up – trading away from a large family home and cashing into a bigger nest-egg. Villa living means less time and money spent on the garden and even less on home maintenance. In a resort, there’s always someone around, so you feel the freedom to lock up and getaway on a trip. Plus there’s always something to do, especially with the world-class facilities you'll find at the clubhouse.

For others, it’s about feeling safe.

La Dimora is a village. There’s always a familiar face just around the corner or over the fence. There’s always someone to spend time with, go for a walk with, share a cup of coffee with. You’ll have that extra peace of mind, knowing the emergency call system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: Can my pet come to La Dimora Resort with me?

A: Yes. Pets are welcome at La Dimora Retirement Resort. You will need written approval for each pet, however, this approval will not be unreasonably withheld.

Q: What is a monthly maintenance fee?


The maintenance fee pays (amongst other things) for all gardening, common area lighting, insurance to your home (does not include contents insurance), emergency call system, all external maintenance to your home, cleaning of common areas, rates for common areas, auditing of financials and management of the village.

Resort membership is an additional cost per month and is mandatory for all residents of La Dimora Retirement Resort.

Your resort membership provides five-day golf access, use of the indoor heated pool, gymnasium, Pickle Ball and Tennis Courts and bowling green. You are also entitled to discounts on meals and drinks purchased from the clubhouse restaurant.

Q: Do I need to insure my retirement home?

A: All buildings in the village are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy which is paid for as part of your monthly maintenance fee. You will need your own Contents Insurance.

Q: Can I have guests stay with me?

A: Of course. You are welcome to have guests staying with you for up to 13 weeks each year in the retirement community. Management has the discretion to extend this in cases where it may be required.

Q: Am I responsible for any maintenance?

A: Yes. You are responsible for maintaining the inside of your home and any private outdoor areas, such as rear patios and garden or other structures that you may have had erected. The front garden is maintained by the Village Management. This is covered as part of your monthly maintenance fee.

Q: Why do I get a 'Lease for Life' rather than a Strata Title?

A: We believe ‘Lease for Life’ is more beneficial for the long-term management and comfort of the community.

Your contract entitles you to the ongoing benefits of the La Dimora Retirement Resort Village Scheme. This clearly sets out our responsibility for the diligent and efficient management of the village for its residents, to the provision of a comprehensive range of senior living services and facilities, the security of residents’ occupancy and to the financial arrangements for operations of the village.

Strata Title vests the ultimate control of the village property in the hands of the Council of Owners, so it is much more difficult to assure village residents that the comprehensive terms of our Village Scheme can be maintained for the long term. With ‘Lease for Life’, these benefits are secured by the provisions of the Retirement Villages Act (1992).

Your investment is protected under the Retirement Villages Act (1986), which also secures your investment, along with that of the other residents, as First Charge against the Village Title.

Q: Do I have to pay stamp duty on my purchase?

A: No. All La Dimora Retirement Resort homes are purchased on a ‘Lease for Life’ basis where there is no Stamp Duty payable.

Q: Can I secure a retirement home at La Dimora Retirement Resort subject to the sale of my existing home?

A: Yes. In fact, this is the most common condition applied against the sale of a La Dimora Retirement Resort village home.

Q: Is my deposit refundable if I am unable to proceed with my purchase?

A: Usually you are required to make payments in three steps to secure your new La Dimora Retirement Resort home.


The first step is for you to ‘Reserve’ a home of your liking on payment of a refundable deposit of $2,000.

The Reservation is normally for 14 days, during which time the home is taken off the market while you and your family and advisers consider the terms of the Village Scheme including the Lease for Life contract.


At the end of 14 days, the Reservation terminates with the understanding that you will:

A) Return our Village Scheme documents and be refunded your $2,000 deposit, or

B) Enter into a contract towards securing the Lease for Life in the village which may be conditional on the sale of your existing house.


Step B) requires you to pay an additional $3,000 making a total deposit of $5,000 to be held in Trust until settlement or refund to you if conditions of your contract are not fulfilled in due course.

If Disclosure documents have been requested and you no longer wish to continue with your purchase, deposits will be refunded minus legal fees.

Your third and final payment is made at settlement from the proceeds of the sale of your existing house.

Q: Is my Centrelink pension affected if I move to La Dimora Retirement Resort?

A: This will depend on your circumstances.

You may have a significant surplus from the changeover from your previous house to your new village home, or you may have had to liquidate assessable assets to pay for it. In either event, it is probable that your assessable assets will have changed with respect to your Centrelink pension and it is advisable to contact Centrelink to discuss your personal situation.

Visit for details

Q: What happens if I decide to sell my home at La Dimora Retirement Resort?

A: We can help. We can either sell your home for you or you can nominate an alternative agent.

You will need to give us written notice of your intention to sell. Please let us know your proposed price and which selling agent you wish to appoint to market your retirement home.

Following the sale of your La Dimora Retirement Resort home you are paid, at settlement, the purchase price paid by the new resident less the accumulated amounts due for payment under the terms of your Lease for Life Contract.

This is structured to ensure that you or your estate receives the benefit of any growth in the market value of your La Dimora Retirement Resort home while it was yours.

Q: What happens if my circumstances change and I need some level of care or support?

A: We work with a range of independent qualified community care organisations. Services can include such things as assistance with meals, showering, cleaning, laundry and local shopping, amongst others. These services are provided on a user-pays basis.

Should you require a small level of on-going medical care (Low Care), specialist services can also be organised in your
La Dimora Retirement Resort home from qualified preferred providers.

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